Sony Xperia X Performance - Notifications

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Notifications inform you of events such as new messages and calendar notifications as

well as activities in progress, such as file downloads. Notifications appear in the following


The status bar

The Notification panel

The lockscreen

To Open or Close the Notification Panel


To open the Notification panel, drag the status bar downward, or simply double-

tap it.


To close the Notification panel, drag or flick the panel upward.

After opening the Notification panel, you can access the Quick Settings panel by dragging the

status bar down again.

To Take Action on a Notification in the Notification Panel

Tap the notification.

You can directly reply to chat or email messages in the Notification panel. To change settings

for notifications, simply swipe left or right on the notification, then tap .

To Dismiss a Notification from the Notification Panel

Place your finger on a notification and flick left or right.

Not all notifications can be dismissed.


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To Expand a Notification on the Notification Panel

Simply tap to expand and view more information about the notification without

opening the app.

Not all notifications are expandable.

To Clear All Notifications from the Notification Panel



To Take Action on a Notification from the Lockscreen

Double-tap the notification.

To dismiss a notification from the lockscreen

Place your finger on the notification and flick left or right.

To Expand a Notification on the Lockscreen

Drag the notification downward.

Not all notifications are expandable.

Managing Notifications on the Lockscreen

You can set up your device so that only selected notifications get displayed on your

lockscreen. You can make all notifications and their content accessible, hide sensitive

content for all notifications or specific apps, or choose not to show any notifications at


To Select the Notifications to Display on the Lockscreen


From your

Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Notifications.


Tap , and then tap

On the lock screen.


Select an option.

You can keep notifications on the lockscreen until you swipe to dismiss them. To enable this

feature, tap the

Keep notifications on lock screen slider.

Notification Display Options on the Lockscreen

Show all notification


Get all notifications on the lockscreen. When you have this setting turned on, keep in

mind that all content (including the content of incoming email and chat messages) will

be visible on your lockscreen unless you designate the relevant apps as

Hide sensitive

content in the App notifications settings menu.

Hide sensitive

notification content

You must have a PIN, password, or pattern set up as your screen lock in order for this

setting to be available.

Contents hidden is displayed on the lockscreen when sensitive

notifications arrive. For example, you'll get a notification for an incoming email or chat,

but the content won't be visible on your lockscreen.

Don't show

notifications at all

You won't get any notifications on the lockscreen.

Setting the Notification Level for an App

You can set different notification behaviors for individual applications. For example, you

can block all email notifications, prioritize Facebook™ notifications, and make the

content of messaging notifications invisible on the lockscreen.

To Set the Notification Level for an App


From your

Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Notifications.


Select the desired app.


Tap the sliders to adjust notification settings as desired.


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Notification Levels and Options for Specific Applications

Block all

Never receive notifications from the selected app.

Sounds and vibrations off Receive notifications but without sound, vibration, or peeking into view.

Interrupts Priority only

Receive notifications from this app even when Do not disturb is set to Priority


Notification Light

The notification light informs you about battery status and some other events. For

example, a flashing white light means there is a new message or a missed call. The

notification light is enabled by default but can be disabled manually.

When the notification light is disabled, it only lights up when there is a battery status warning,

such as when the battery level falls below 15 percent.

To Enable or Disable the Notification Light


From your Homescreen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Notifications > .


Tap the slider beside

Notification light to enable or disable the function.